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Our Story

A Dream to Change Lives

The Manse Retreat was born from Kim's and Carl's desire to help people overcome life's challenges and thrive. As a husband and wife team, they dreamed of creating a sanctuary empowering true wellness.

Together, they have over three decades of professional expertise in nutrition, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and integrative modalities. Their passion was helping others process emotional pain, unburden the past, and rediscover inner joy.

Kim and Carl envisioned a peaceful retreat integrating their wealth of knowledge within a serene, supportive setting. Their mission was to guide people to break through any blockage, transform trauma into growth, and reclaim their best lives.

Every breakthrough inspires Kim and Carl to reach more people held back by emotional scars and trauma. As owners, they remain dedicated to their purpose - providing a proven path to hope, change, and peace.

If you seek to overcome life's challenges, contact The Manse Retreat. Discover how Kim's and Carl's passion for helping others can transform your life.

Meet Kim & Carl

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