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Emotional healing session available at The Manse Retreat

Emotional healing Retreat

At The Manse Retreat, we specialise in evidence based techniques to help clients recover from trauma and PTSD. These include:

Havening: This sensory intervention uses gentle touch on the face and arms (It's all self havening, so touch is done by yourself) and bilateral stimulation to access the brain's calming neurotransmitters. The havening techniques quickly soothe and reprocess traumatic experiences.

Hypnotherapy: Through deep relaxation and focused awareness, hypnotherapy allows you to access and reframe subconscious patterns linked to trauma. Carl trained with Europes oldest Hypnotherapy training establishment, and  uses this technique to resolve and release painful emotions.

Eye movement therapy uses bilateral stimulation like eye movements or taps while recalling traumatic events. This retrains the brain to de-escalate distress responses. This can rapidly process stuck-on traumatic memories.

Within our serene, supportive setting, these psycho-sensory techniques integrate the body and mind to heal. You'll feel empowered to manage symptoms and thrive in all aspects of life.


If unresolved trauma has impacted your mental health, contact us today. Discover how our personalised, research-based techniques employing havening, hypnotherapy, and eye movement therapy can help you reclaim your well-being.

This retreat runs from 5pm on a Friday till 1pm on Sunday.

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