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Sound Healing Events

Embark on a transformative journey to well-being at The Manse Retreat, where we invite you to experience the profound benefits of sound healing through our immersive sound baths.

Our carefully curated sessions harness the therapeutic power of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, creating a harmonious symphony that washes away stress and promotes deep relaxation.

If you're seeking a more personalised approach, indulge in our one-on-one sound healing sessions, where our experienced practitioners tailor the experience to address your specific needs.

Allow the resonant vibrations to align with your unique energy, fostering a sense of balance and blissfulness.

Our next Full Moon Meditation event is at 7pm on 21st July 2024

Venue: The Mill, Mill Street, Duddington PE9 3QG
Price £20.00

Early bird offers 25% off £15.00
sound bath

Sound Bath

We run regular sound bath events. These run for 60–90 minutes, and we use Tibetan sound bowls, crystal sound bowls, chimes, a crystal harp, and a range of other instruments to allow participants to relax to the point where the mind and body can enter a self-healing phase.

sound bath
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

one - one Session

We offer a 60-minute sound healing session, whereby we use various instruments to allow one to relax and enter a brainwave state that encourages the self-healing phase.

This is a powerful session where you will leave feeling relaxed, calm, and blissful!

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